Monday, August 3, 2009


Blue, blue windows behind the clouds.
And a yellow moon on the rise
Big birds flying across the sky
Leaving shadows on my eyes.
Leave us helpless, helpless.

These are the words to a beautiful old song written and sung by Neil Young. Now, you can read many meanings into this. My interpretation has always been of a man brought to his knees by the immense wonder of the universe. Mr. Young said that he was writing about the images he had while growing up in Canada. And I can imagine him living in a large, vast space that made him feel like a tiny pinpoint in the universe. That could be frightening. The power and vastness of our world can make one feel helpless. Maybe that’s why some people like the city. Help is all around them. They are hemmed in and cozy. It is true that we are nothing at all in our huge galaxy. But we are everything to God. He views us as immensely important. The Psalms say that God created our inmost being and we are fearfully and wonderfully made . The Psalms say that God is our refuge and strength. An ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear. No matter where we are, those who know the Lord are never helpless.

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