Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is My Life A Wreck?

My life has been more than a wreck lately. It’s been lots of wrecks. In the last couple weeks, we have passed by and seen more wrecks than in a year. And I don’t know why. Are people all of a sudden driving worse? Is God trying to tell us something? There have been wrecks in our local paper about every day, much more than usual. Here are two wrecks that were on the front page this week. One of them is when a trolley hit an old man. He was airlifted to a large hospital nearby. When you pass a wreck, what do you do? Do you crane your neck to see, or try not to look? We’ve almost wrecked our car while trying to look at a wreck. I always want to see everything, and I don’t know why. Maybe curiosity is just human nature. I have often wished that I hadn’t looked. One wreck in particular, on a gorgeous day, with bodies spread out everywhere under the sun. That was over twenty years ago, and the image still does not leave me. I’m convinced one cause of these wrecks is multi tasking. People are so rushed these days. They drive and text, talk on the phone, put on makeup, eat, even read. One man was driving and reading the paper. What are these people thinking? Have they all lost their minds? Driving requires single mindedness and attention. People seem to pay attention to all the wrong things these days. Here’s what God had to say about that when He talked to Israel in Isaiah 42. “You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing….which of you will listen to this and pay close attention in time to come?” How could it happen that Israel was so close to God and served Him, yet they saw so little? Maybe they were paying attention to the wrong things. Could that be my problem? Is this a sign that I need to check my priorities? Perhaps. So this is something I will think and pray about. Maybe some shuffling around is in order. And more careful driving, of course!

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