Friday, September 25, 2009

A Piercing Scream

Our three year old granddaughter, Anne, got her ears pierced this summer. And these pictures show the process. I don’t know what to think about piercing children’s ears. Three is very young, but nowadays lots of moms are piercing the ears of their little babies. Unlike a baby, Anne had a choice, and really wanted get pierced. She asked her mom for it. So mom explained to her about the pain, but told her it would be over quickly. And she still opted to do it. I’m telling you, this girl has been fearless from the get go. Two people pierced both ears at the same time, so that was good. I watched Oprah get her ears pierced on her show, and she was more chicken than my little granddaughter. What is your opinion about piercing children’s ears? I’d be interested to know what you have to say. Send me your comments. I know someone with a pierced tongue. Think of how much it hurts when you accidentally bite your tongue, and then try to imagine having your tongue impaled with a gold rod through it. Yikes! It’s hard enough getting food out of our teeth and keeping them clean; how do you clean food out of a hole in your tongue? This is frightening to even visualize. I’ve never gotten my ears pierced for two reasons. I’m not a big jewelry person, and my hair has always completely covered my ears. Here’s a bad use that earrings were put to. In the book of Exodus, Aaron told the Israelite wives, sons, and daughters to take off their gold earrings, and he made them into an idol to worship. That’s how many earrings they wore. God was not happy with that. He was going to kill them all, but Moses interceded for them. Back then, people wore some serious jewelry. The men and women both wore earrings. And the Midianites wore up to 15 pairs of earrings at once! Just imagine 15 piercings, and without antibiotics! These people even put necklaces and jewelry on their camels! I’m sorry, but nothing you can do will make a camel look even remotely attractive! When Gideon saved the Israelites from their enemy, they wanted him to rule them. His answer was that only God should rule, but he wanted one earring from the plunder that each took. This added up to a huge amount of loot! Nowadays, I guess it’s just a matter of time before people start piercing their pet’s ears. But at least a cat would look more attractive wearing jewelry than a camel.


senorris said...

i'm not a fan of ear piercing for children, i believe its a waste of money, but to each their own. Melinda didn't get up the nerve until she was about 11 years old. We tried earlier but she allowed one to get infected and it was REALLY painful. Its definitely an individual decision. the strangest conversation in regards to ear piercing occured with my Mother. She was always against it for us girls but when she discovered that my exhusband had no objection over it then it was OK. Go figure! That's some serious submission to the male figure.

David said...

Girls, yes. Boys, no.

And don't even think of piercing my cat's ears! They are so delicate and thin.

I had a former feral cat as a pet in Florida. Some good samaritan had trapped her and had her spayed. They then lopped a small part of her ear off so they could tell from a distance she was fixed. I always regretted that ear chop.