Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tent Stories - Part One

Last weekend, we went to the Fall Foliage Arts And Crafts Festival. This is a yearly event held downtown, where the streets are blocked off, and artists show their works in tents. Artists come from all over, even out of stste, to set up a tent. It kind of looks like a tent city. It is held all day Saturday and Sunday, and so many people come that overcrowding makes it hard to even walk without frequent stops. The weather is usually lovely for strolling around, and you always run into plenty of people you know. It's a feast for the eyes and senses, and here are some of the paintings. My favorite is the laundry hanging out with that lovely shaft of sunlight streaking across it. Which is your favorite? It was hard choosing which pictures to post. These are just the paintings, but tomorrow I'll post even better pictures showing the other things, from lovely to kooky and quirky. Tents were a big deal in Old Testament times, especially when the Israelites were wandering in the desert. One of those tents held the finest artwork you could imagine, because God designed it. The most glorious tent ever, The Tabernacle. It was huge, and was made with gold, silver, and bronze. The curtains were blue, purple, and scarlet of the finest twisted linen. But best of all, the presence of God dwelled in it once a year. And speaking of tents, here's what happened when Moses went into a tent to speak with God. "When he came out....they saw that his face was radiant." It shone so much with God's reflected glory that the people could not look at him for long, and he had to wear a veil until the next time he spoke with God. Now THAT'S a real tent story!


Sandra said...

Ginny, I love, love, love the shirts hanging on the clothes line. special shot in my book. Happy Sunday

Beverly said...

At first glance, I thought the photo of the shirts hanging on the clothesline was a photo of the real thing. That is an outstnading painting. I love the owl, though.