Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do You Have A Resolution?

My pictures are the New Year's Ball coming down in Times Square and the crowd there celebrating. They fixed up the ball this year so it has different flashing colors, a pretty sight. No, I was not there. I was on my couch with my feet up under a cozy afghan, taking these pictures on my flat screen T.V. A senior New Year. As usual, the crowd was huge, with people who had come from many states away. Standing in the rain and dark. One lady who was interviewed said she and her friends had been there for about 12 hours, standing up and with no bathroom breaks. I shivered in my cozy bathrobe. I don't understand people doing this, but I am old and my bones creak now. Perhaps if I was young again... Do you make New Year's resolutions, or have you given up by now? What are your thoughts on them? Here are mine for this year:

1. NO DUSTING-Let sleeping dust lay, I say. Stirring up dust makes it airborne and you sneeze a lot. Bad for your sinuses.

2.EAT OUT MORE-Cooking at home is bad for your health, as you have to taste frequently for seasoning, making you gain weight.

3.WATCH MORE T.V.-Intellectual stimulation, staying informed on current events.

4. SLEEP MORE-Sleeping helps you lose weight because you can't eat while you're sleeping.

5. TALK ON THE PHONE MORE-Again, good for losing weight because it's hard to eat while talking on the phone.

6. NO MOPPING THE FLOORS-This can kill you because you can slip and fall on the wet floor. The dirtier the floor, the better traction.
Now these are some resolutions that I should have no problem keeping! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Sandra said...

i have never made a new years resolution but these are some I might like to make. no mopping and no dusting is one i KNOW i could keep

storyteller said...

Now those are resolutions I might be able to KEEP ... seriously (except for watching TV and talking on the phone). I like the way you think ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Sandra said...

the first flower is a purple bouganvilla that is in our yard, yes that is a bird of paradise,all of the photos i took at Jungle Gardens except for the first and last, they were in my yard. i do edit my photos inphoto shop, but i don't change the colors, that is their true color.

SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful list of resolutions, those I could keep. Maybe if we made our resolutions more practical they would last more than a few days.