Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gingerbread Houses

Here are some gingerbread houses from a contest we went to. Do you have a favorite? This is a Gingerbread Mill.

Not sure what this one is!

A Frame house.

This one is a pig house. See the pink pigs in front of it?

This one has pine trees in front.

Here is the front view of a gingerbread train. See the passengers boarding it?

This one has a pretzel fence.

This one has Christmas trees around it.

This one has a sleigh, a pond, and a Chex cereal roof.

Here is a gingerbread tree house!

A candy corn roof on this one.

This one has a corral with animals in it and a pond.

And this is an English cottage, complete with thatched roof.

 “My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood— in safe houses, in quiet gardens.” 
Isaiah 32


Nancy Chan said...

So creative and beautiful gingerbread houses! Are these edibles? If yes, they are too beautiful to be eaten! The judges will have a hard time deciding on the winner!

reana claire said...

The gingerbread looks so beautiful that it is a waste to break them up... But they look so yummy too!

Sandra said...

they are all really cute and took a lot of talent to make them. my favorites are the pretzel fence and the A frame

LV said...

Everyone did a super job on their houses. I love good old fashion gingerbread hot with butter.

SweetMarie said...

the teal roof...the one that you're not sure of and the pretzel fence are my favorites. :) they're all awesome! I love seeing so much creativity. :)

Tamago said...

Wow, they are all so creative and fantastic!
I really love the gingerbread train, pretzel fence and tree house! I bet everyone had tons of fun creating those houses :-)

Ruth Hiebert said...

WOW! Some people have gone to a lot of working making these.They show so much creativity.

photowannabe said...

Who would have thought of a Pig house to do for the Gingerbread Houses?
They are all very clever.

Ann said...

These are great. I think my favorite is the one with the pretzel fence. Do you know I have never made a gingerbread house

Small Kucing said...

All are so cute. If am the judge i would have a very hard time deciding which 1 is the winner

Margaret Adamson said...

Wonderful creative creations

Tanya Breese said...

they are all wonderfully unique! i love those cute little pink piggies!