Thursday, January 23, 2014

Latest Update On Me

Hi everyone! Just thought I would give you an update on what has been happening around here. This is the way it looked as we drove through the mountains for my second eye surgery. Both surgeries went well, but my eyes are still blurry and the surgeon will likely do another surgery on each one... in his office this time and very short. I think it must be laser. So that will happen Monday after next. Of course I am unable to wear my glasses because now after the surgery they will not work anymore, I will likely still need glasses with a very mild prescription in the lenses. I want to thank you all so much for your concern, your e-mails, and prayers, they really mean so much to me! I am able to do some e-mail but after too much computer, my eyes sting and water, but not for much longer! I can't wait to start visiting you all again! Oh, and by the way...Sunny has something to tell you...
Hi everyone, Sunny here! Why am I in a wheelchair? Well, I am fine, but mommy got hurt in a freak accident at the eye doctor's office. And for once it wasn't her fault. Her foot is broken. So I have been keeping the wheelchair warm for her when she is on the couch. If only humans were as agile as us cats, MEOW!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Update On ME

Shortly before my eye surgery, Anne and I made these reindeer. Aren't they cute? They consist of mini donuts, broken mini pretzels, and peanut M&M's. So easy to make! And she loved them, plus she only ate ONE! Just be sure and remember to put the M facing down! I had my eye surgery and it went well... but since I cannot wear my glasses and there is still swelling, It is very hard to see and things are blurry. I am also off balance and Phil has to lead me around at times. All to be expected. It will be better after the surgery on the other eye on the 16th. I am currently using NINE eye drops a day and will be until way into February. So I am hoping to resume posting at the end of this month! And I can't WAIT!! I am wondering what you have all been up to!! SEE you better than ever later in the month!!

In General

 Our Dollar General store moved into a new building this year, and it is larger and has a fancy layout. Here are a few of the spring things ...