Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

It is almost New Years Day! Are you watching the clock? Here are many to watch.

OWL be seeing you in 2017!

The Dog Days of summer are far behind us for awhile.

I hope the coming year is a gentle and kind one for you; full of joy, love, and small miracles.

 “You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.” ~Bonnie Prudden

“Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design? “ ~Paracelsus


Ann said...

What a unique collection of clocks. I like the clock artwork too. The one in your header is really pretty.
Owl see you in 2017

Scott S. said...

Beatuiful pics! Happy New Year Ginny!

Sandra said...

super idea, I LOVE ALL the clocks... can't even pick a favorite. Ha ha Owl be seeing you next year... Happy New Year sis..

From the Kitchen said...

Happy New Year to you and Phil and your sweet family!!


Tamago said...

Such pretty clocks! The last one looks like stars in the sky :-)
I hope the new year will being lots of happiness and joy to you and your family. Happy New Year!

Ruth Hiebert said...

The kaleidoscope effect is pretty. Hope the New year is filled with blessings for you and Phil.

Carla from The River said...

Happy New Year my friend! I like the second to last, the dog and cat.
Meow and Woof to a Great New Year!! :-)

DawnTreader said...

I like "owl be seeing you" as well :)

crafty cat corner said...

Have started a game Ginny, not sure how to play is it the same as scrabble?

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy New Year to you and Phil! Thanks for being such a sweet blogging friend!

Rose said...

Happy New Year, Ginny! Interesting clocks!