Friday, September 18, 2009

Cracked Up

What is our little friend, Ella, looking up at? She’s looking at a big crack in our ceiling. Here is a picture of this crack. It’s almost in the middle of the living room ceiling, and at least a foot long. But notice how it’s not really an open crack; it is still covered with paint. So I’m not sure what the deal is with it, but apparently she is. Ella is only three, but she’s very observant, and she is concerned about this crack. She will cast a suspicious glance at it from time to time. I’ve asked her more than once what she thinks of it, and here’s what she says. “Snakes and spiders and ants will come out of it.” Wow! Where did she get that from, and why would she even think that anything would come out of it? In the Bible, some amazing things came out of cracks. And I’m thinking specifically about cracks in rocks. The Israelites were traveling in the desert and were thirsty. God told Moses to hit a rock with His staff, and water came out of it. And a second time, God told Moses to speak to a rock, but for some reason, Moses hit the rock twice instead. Maybe he wanted to make a big show of it. Well, God still made water gush out of the rock. The people got what they needed, but Moses was punished for not obeying God’s instructions to the letter. I think that I need to tell Ella about something miraculous and good coming out of a crack. Then maybe she will think of that when she looks at the ceiling. And not snakes, spiders, and ants.

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Beverly said...

Yes, she doesn't miss a thing, does she. Did David tell you about the spider web (cobweb) that she in the doctor's office when she was there once for a checkup. I think the doctor was a bit embarrassed that Ella saw that.

I have been thinking about you since reading your post yesterday. I hope that you get to the bottom of your problem and it turns out to be minor.

I'll see you soon.