Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music And Sugar

Music and sugar; can you think of two better things to combine on a georgous Saturday? Our local bakery had a concert this afternoon, and our friend, Jeff, was a guitar player. So of course we went. It was great fun. The band was at sonic level, and the kids danced up a storm. Their dancing could not even be contained in the store, as they raced in and out, laughing and twirling. It was truly a joy to behold. My lovely son and daughter-in-law were there, as well. This was one of Melissa’s first outings since her back surgery. She looks well, doesn’t she? Our friend Jeff has twin boys, who you may remember from one of my earlier posts. They are ten now, and both musically gifted. And we talked Caleb into playing drums during the break. It was his first professional gig, so to speak. And he rocked! We were all so proud of him, and you would never have known he was nervous. He never missed a beat. These boys continue to amaze me. We all sat around tapping our feet and eating luscious bakery goodies. A day to remember. I think that bakeries are a community service! At least one should be required in each city. In Bible times, they had no sugar. Their sweetener was honey from wild bees. And as for bread, barley bread was the most common, followed by wheat. A great bakery snack for John the Baptist was honey and locusts. Ewwwwww! No boston crème pie or cannolis back then! Here’s something that should be sweet all the time: our words. The book of Proverbs says “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” The right words have the power to make us feel much better than anything in a bakery. They are God’s favorite sweetener. One more thing. I don’t have an eating problem or a sweet tooth; I’m just obeying the Bible. Proverbs 24:13 “Eat honey, my son, for it is good.” For sure.

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Obrigada. Sou de Portugal, sou Católica e sou feliz!!