Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Won't Get An Answer

See my two little girls sitting so close on the couch, yet calling each other on their toy phones? They’re waiting for an answer. Do you talk to yourself? My husband didn’t used to talk to himself, but lately he has developed that habit. And our three year old granddaughter notices, more than you’d think. One day while she was staying with us, Phil began to mutter and talk to himself. And little Anne picked up on it right away. She asked him what he was doing. And he said “Oh, grandpa’s just talking to himself. And here’s what she said. “Grandpa, if you talk by yourself, you won’t get an answer!” Smart girl. Then just this week, Anne’s mom told me a story. Anne began to talk really low, and her mom couldn’t understand what she was saying. She asked her a couple times, and Anne said “Nothing”. But when pressed, she said that she was talking to herself the way grandpa had taught her!! We hope to teach our granddaughter many wonderful things, but this isn’t what I had in mind. Here’s someone else who didn’t get an answer, but it wasn’t because he talked to himself. Pontius Pilate. He didn’t want to have Jesus put to death, and was looking for any excuse. Yet when he asked Jesus what he had to say about the accusations against him, Jesus did not give an answer. He was silent. This is likely the greatest silence ever. It’s the silence that saved us all. But someone who will always give us an answer is the one who made us. It may not be the answer we want, or as fast as we want, but He will answer. Here is one answer that came so fast it will take your breath away. Daniel 9:20 says that while Daniel was still in prayer, making requests, the angel Gabriel came to him in swift flight, and here is what Gabriel said “Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding. As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you.” Notice this says that Daniel’s prayer was answered before he even finished asking!! We may not get an answer when we talk to ourselves, but we always will when we talk to God. Now that’s something I do want to teach Anne.

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Sandra said...

Amen on this post. And I do talk to myself, as I get older, I find I talk to myself more, to help me remember, and I do get answers from me. ha ha
thanks for your post on my blog, and I will be following you also.
Thanks for the compliments on my photography, The Madsnapper name came from my husband because I take my came cameras, plural, everywhere I go, I take pictures of bugs and fire and matches and dogs and leaves and frogs and the beat goes on. Yes, all the photos on my site are mine except for the one little white church. I am not as good with words as you are, so I use a lot of my photos and when they remind me of a scripture, I put that on there. yes, i would like the name of the autoharpist.