Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson & The Bionic Woman

Today I want to talk about Michael Jackson and the Bionic woman. I don’t know how I managed to connect these two in my mind, but I did. Michael Jackson’s memorial service was at Staples Center, a big civic arena. And that got me to thinking. Did they not have a church affiliation? The answer is that Michael was rehearsing for his big comeback at the Staples Center, where he planned to wow the world anew with his many talents. Instead of his big comeback, he had his funeral in that stage. We just never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. Life can turn on a dime, and to a lot of people, this is scary… but it shouldn’t be. Know why? Think of the Bionic Woman. Remember that T.V. show? The Bionic Woman had been outfitted with computerized bionic parts for her body. She could see for maybe a mile, jump over buildings, and lift cars. I used to wonder if she could ever die, or would she just break and continue to get repaired? The actress who portrayed her, Lindsey Wagner, is now the spokesperson for Sleep Number mattresses. I hear that’s because she has back problems. Wonder if she messed up her back playing the Bionic woman? So, after all, she’s just as fragile and mortal as the rest of us. This made me think that we are like God’s bionic people. The worst thing that can happen to us is the best thing. Our death is but a tiny momentary pause in this great universe. And then we will have beautiful, eternal bodies that would put the Bionic Woman to shame. We will be pain free, happy, raised up in glorius power, and imperishable. This is God’s promise to us. It is the amazing gift from Jeses heart. And when Jesus returns, the whole world will truly be his stge.

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