Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attack Of The Mailbox Lobster

Run for your lives! It’s the attack of the mailbox lobster!! No one’s mail is safe. It eats all paper in it’s path! Isn’t this cool? When we passed it on the road, I just had to take a picture and have some fun with it. Looks like these people get some serious mail. In Old Testament days, the lobster was among the forbidden foods to eat. God gave instructions to only eat creatures in the sea that had fins and scales. I would still agree with God on that, as these things are just creepy. Take crabs. My rule is not to eat anything whose eyes are on stalks. Yuk! As for lobster, if you have to wear a bib and dip it in butter to get it down, forget about it. Give me some pasta, soup, or French toast, and please don’t be crabby about it


Sandra said...

I can truthfuly say this is the oddest mail box I have even seen. Good of you to stop and grab a shot so we can see it to. I love it. very creative for whomever designed it.

Sandra said...

Ginny, thanks for your comments on my wild flowers. I to love flowers, i think I love trees just a hair more than flowers, but it is close. you should follow Medam, if you do not. she is under my favorites on the blog. I like your name for the seeds, they were so pretty i brought home a few that had fallen on the ground. there are bushes of them like Christmas trees. if i can find that picture i will post it.