Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dual Citizenship

One family. Three members of it applying for citizenship. Only they are not all applying for citizenship of the same country. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I think it’s pretty rare, and thus, blogworthy. This about my friend Sharon, and her two teenage children. The picture is of Sharon and her daughter. Sharon was born and raised in Canada. Then she came to this country to settle down, get married and have children. So Sharon is still a citizen of Canada, while her two children are Americans. Sharon is getting ready to start the process of becoming a citizen of this country, while her children will apply to be citizens of Canada. They all want to be dual citizens of both countries. I find this so unusual and at the same time totally cool. I love my country, but I also think that we could take a few lessons from Canada. They seem to have a handle on some things better than we do. So here’s to my friend and her family! What an exciting time for them all. I will be their biggest cheerleader. Did you know that I have dual citizenship, as well? All Christians do. Here is what the books of Philippians and 2 Corinthians have to say about that. Right now we are living on the earth, but our citizenship is really in Heaven. We are just here on a temporary passport, visiting for awhile. And when we return home, it will be eternal and forever, with a new glorious body. We will never feel lonely, out of place, or unwanted. Never fear rejection. “You are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people.”


senorris said...

I was very curious what our picture was for and have checked daily since Wednesday for the clue. That is too cool. Unfortunately I have not had a great deal of time to get this process going amongst all my other duties but do intend to get it done sometime in the next year or so. You have the best way of tying in everyday life with acts of God. Thanks for the promo!

Sandra said...

thanks for the blog, love the story and for reminding me that I have dual citizenship. Never thought of it that way