Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Dulcimer

Heather Short once again had the right answer for this picture. She needs to be on Jeopardy or something,because she could make serious money. She's a sharp cookie with diversified knowledge. Of course the answer is a Dulcimer. This is a hammered dulcimer, but there's also a mountain dulcimer that's plucked instead of being hammered. The name comes from the Latin Dulcis (meaning sweet) and the Greek melos (meaning song). The dulcimer is related to the psaltry and the zither, and is played quite a bit by European gypsy bands. This one that I took a picture of was at our Fall foliage Festival. To hear what it sounds like, check out this video.

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Sandra said...

yes, ginny, that is what the horseshoe crabs look like. they are about 12 inches accross and about 18 inches long. love this dulcimer, i saw one this summer for the first time in my life.