Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spider Veins

Do you know what this plant is? It’s actually a flower. Yes, that’s right. But when you think of the word flower, does anything even remotely like this come to mind. It’s the anti-flower. Aren’t flowers supposed to be pretty? This for sure is the perfect Halloween flower. We went to an orchid show last night, which I’ll post much more on later. And I took these pictures of the Spider Orchid. That’s right, I’m not joking. The orchid specialist told us this, and then I came home and looked it up. Who would want a plant like this? Perhaps the bride of Dracula. So this post is all things spidery. If you read my earlier post, “A Wisp Of Gossamer”, then you know that I’m terrified of spiders. When I was little, an adult told me that God created everything except spiders, which Satan created. I guess they must have been well meaning, but who would even think of such a thing? So you can only imagine my horror at the orchid show, where I expected to see only beautiful things. Orchids are very strange anyway. To me, something seems to be a little off about them. Something not quite right. I never did much care for them, as they need too much pampering. And even with enormous coddling, they only bloom for a very short time. Nevertheless, it was an interesting and diverting learning experience to go to this show. Who would have guessed it would turn into my very own “Trick Or Treat”? “God made… everything that creepeth upon the earth after His kind; and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 2:25


Sandra said...

I like the Spider Orchid more than the EEK spider web. I do not like spiders, but could live with the orchid, but only if i had to. Like you I think it is NOT a pretty flower.

Sandra said...

you can use anything you want, words or pictures in any way you want. I am glad you liked it. Most of the info I put up is off the internet and comments from people better at speaking their thoughts than I am. go for it, you don't even have to ask.