Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tent Stories-Part Two

Yesterday I showed you paintings from the Fall Art Show. Today are the crafts. What’s your favorite? There were many craftspeople who built the Tabernacle of the Old Testament, men and women alike. It was a massive undertaking. They used all their jewelry, yarns and fine linens, dyed goat, ram, and sea cow skins, oil, and acacia wood. They made pure gold plates, dishes, bowls, and pitchers. Here are the parts of it that they had to make. The Tabernacle itself, the Ark, the table, the lamp stand, two altars, a basin, a courtyard, the priestly garments, and the breastplate. There were 100 bases. This is making me very tired just reading about it. Enjoy the pictures.

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Sandra said...

I like the frogs, they make me think of my mother. she collected frogs all her life. when she died, we gave them all away except for the one big ugly giant ceramic one that she loved so much. it is residing in my front yard. that way i have it but don't see it very much. she would have loved these frogs.
about using the quote from yesterday. it is not mine, i got it off the internet, so use away. it says everything i wanted to say but could not.