Thursday, November 12, 2009

Appearances Are Decieving

I have two winners of my mystery picture. Sharon Norris and Sandra. Way to go, girls!!

When I saw this, I didn't know what it was. But my husband gladly informed me. It's a manure spreader. And here was my reply: "Ewwwwww!" Did you even know that such a thing existed? I suppose I did, but who wants to think of such things? Some of the new ones even shred and spread at once! These people have put plants and Fall decorations on it, but talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Although, as time passes, I think it's pretty funny. And here's what came to my mind. The Pharisees. They would have absoluty loved this thing! You see, to the Pharisees, it didn't matter who or what you really were, as long as you appeared to be good. They were kind of the human version of this decorated manure spreader! They were the largest and most important religious group in their time, and were admired for their apparent piety. They believed that salvation came through strict obdience to many laws, but they thought that their own rules were just as important as God's! They were more concerned with appearing to be good than obeying God, and all that mattered to them was what other people saw. Here is what Jesus had to say to them in Matt. 23 "On the outside you appear to people as righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness." They never did quite get it that we only need love and admiration from one source; the One who made us. Because nothing that we do for God is ever forgotten by him. Nothing. So it does amuse me to think of a Pharisee pulling along a very nicely decorated manure spreader, holding his nose all the while. Because even though he may try to cover it up, we all know what he's really spreading.


Sandra said...

You are so right, there are a lot of human decorated manure spreaders out there now, just like the Pharisees. and more than I like to think about in our churches today. the cup on the outside is clean, but the inside is very dirty. this will remind me to work on my inside self

Sandra said...

hi, i just read your two comments on the rock/stone controversy. the answer is, a rock is a stone and a stone is a rock, it depends on who is using the word. in the bible Jesus is the cornerstone and also Our Rock. the debate continues. My husband still today is telling me I am wrong and he is right. we are both right is what I say.

SquirrelQueen said...

Amazing, it still looks like a really cool wagon. If I had looked a little closer at the rear of the wagon and the wheels I would have seen the mechanisms. I was distracted by pretty.

You are right, the title of my post today is a play on words with the title of the Stephen King novel. I used the actual title on a Halloween post recently. I did a bit of research before I used it and found out King took it from MacBeth. The actual quote is "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

In the other post with the reflections, the reddish brown is pond grass. If you enlarge the photo it is a little easier to see.

Hope you are having a great weekend,