Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mystery Picture

It's not a wagon like you think.
But here's a clue:It really stinks.
This may be hard for city folk,
But rest assured it's not a joke.
They've got it prettied up for Fall,
But you can't change this thing at all.
Give me your guess and don't be slow
Tomorrow you will really know.


Beverly said...

I love the photo. Perfect for fall, but I have no guess.

SquirrelQueen said...

It does look like a beautiful old wagon. I've seen something similar used as a place to put garbage so I will guess a garbage wagon!

Our Journey said...

Compost Pile? A couple other things come to mind, however it's a little creepy to really think about?!?!

Sandra said...

are they growing garlic in the wagon? or some other stinky spice? or maybe it hauled the stuff they clean out of the barn, you know the Droppings!

Sandra said...

I forgot to tell you YES the indent in the ROCK is natural. makes a fine pool for the wildlife, not in our yard, it is in a county park