Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turned To Stone

We went to a museum last night to see an exhibition by local stone carvers called “Stone Hearts”, and this was very powerful and moving. Strangely, there were no hearts there! But It filled my head with so many strong images all at once that my brain nearly overloaded. And I think that’s just what good art is supposed to do. It makes you think, wonder, or praise. Here are some of the pictures I took. You may recognize one as being the Amnesty International symbol. The wire represents oppression, and the flame is hope. So my word for you this weekend is STONE. Can you even imagine how much stone is involved in our history, and how many times God has used stone in amazing ways? In our culture, we say something is written in stone, turned to stone, someone has a heart of stone, or to throw the first stone. Let me see, have I left any stones unturned? Type me a comment if you can think of any others, I’d like to hear them. We have the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Great Wall Of China (which ultimately failed at keeping people out, because it was not ordained by God). God made the earth and all the rock and stones not only for a practical purpose, but also to show His great power and to instruct us, his people. People used to sit on stones and use them as tools and weapons. Idolatrous men made their Gods of stone and Jacob put a pillar of stone where god had spoken to him. But to me, the very strongest images in the bible are when David killed Goliath with one small stone, the stone tablets that the very finger of God wrote on, and the large stone that was rolled away from Jesus tomb. So the next time you walk on stones, or throw a stone out of your yard, think of the many ways God has instructed us through this amazing creation of his.


Beverly said...

Those photos are stunning. I'm reminded of the passage that says if we don't praise Him, even the rocks (stones) will cry out.

Anonymous said...

we can build our house upon a rock. :) our house definitely is.