Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rising To The Occasion

After we went to the astronomy festival on Sunday, we stopped at a new pizza place that had only been open for two weeks. It’s called “Rise”. You can watch them make your pizza. You can also order a whole pie, a half pie or a quarter of one. But here’s the funny thing. The place is called “Rise”, but they use the pre-made Boboli type crusts. So there’s no rising at all! Our pizza wasn’t hot, even though it had just come out of the oven. Then it dawned on me that since the crust doesn’t need to bake, it was only heated enough to melt the cheese. It tasted as unappetizing as it looks in the picture. The place had an industrial theme for its décor. Sheets and strips of metal bolted to the walls, large pipes overhead, etc. When we first walked in, it looked like it was still under construction! Industrial décor can be cool, but it has no ambience for dining. It’s cold and impersonal. But the owner was not, and he gave us special attention. So even though we won’t return, I hope it does well. It takes a brave soul to open a new business in these times. What’s your favorite pizza? Do you have a favorite frozen one? I love thin crispy crust. But I just read that they have lots more fat then regular crust. Who knew? You’d think less is better. In 521 B.C., the soldiers of King Darius ll baked flatbread on their shields and then covered it with cheese and dates. There were three kings named Darius, so I’ll call this one Pizza Darius. The first Darius was Lion’s Den Darius. He’s the one who put Daniel in the lion’s den. He was a good king, though, because he did not want to, and tried to save Daniel till the end. That night, he could not eat or sleep. He had sealed up the den with a stone, so imagine his surprise and delight when he found Daniel alive the next day! If there had been pizza then, I bet they’d have celebrated with one. But that would have to wait a few years, for Pizza Darius. “My God sent an angel and He shut the mouths of the lions…for He is the living God and He endures forever.” Daniel 6


Sandra said...

Ginny, i posted on this site this morning and now it is not there. this is a test. something is not right. I said how much i loved your site, now i can't remember what I said. this happened on another site to.

Sandra said...

thanks for your comments on my site. I am trying to remember what i said this morning about this one. i must have closed without saving. senior moments are worse each day.
about these photos, they are what i like, normal every day things that catch my eye, you are getting better and better. i love daily life stuff