Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mystery Utensil

In Crate & Barrel the other day
I spotted this along the way
It's something I could use for sure
So I bought it there right in the store
Put on your thinking cap and guess
What is it? Tomorrow I'll confess


SquirrelQueen said...

Using my superior knowledge of cooking (or lack thereof) I would say from the holes it is used to strain or drain something. Basically I haven't a clue but it's cute and I might have bought one too.

The clock in my post today is on Main Street here in Walla Walla. Our downtown area has a early 1900's design on the store fronts and this is a part of it.

The photo of the geese was done in very bright sunlight which was reflecting on the water. It took awhile to get the shot right, the grasses in the foreground were blurred on purpose to give it a more surreal or romantic look. I was really luck that the geese were cooperating.


Sandra said...

garlic press? never owned one but I think that is what it is. cute little bugger whatever it is.