Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Through The Wires Thursday

There is at least one company in the valley that takes people on balloon rides. Looks like this one lit on a wire!

But it went right on past.

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon ride?

“In a rapidly ascending balloon were two men.
One watched the earth getting farther and farther away.
One watched the stars getting nearer and nearer.”
~George Jean Nathan


Reanaclaire said...

Oh, I really dare not go up on a balloon ride... very scared of heights! :)

Ann said...

I've seen them plenty of times but have never been on one. I imagine those power lines could be a bit dangerous when you are up there in a balloon.

MadSnapper said...

beautiful but this chicken little would not go up in one of these, but i would take photos

Sandi said...

Love the quote!

Praying for you today, Ginny.

Nancy Chan said...

I would love to but I wouldn't dare! Lol!

Chatty Crone said...

I would love to - have you?

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful to look at, but I have no desire to be in one.

Tamago said...

What a lovely balloon! I went for balloon ride more than a decade ago. It was really nice!

Carla from The River said...

I love the quote you shared. :-)
No, I have never been on a hot air balloon.
I love the colors of the balloons.

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