Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty In Pink

My granddaughter’s favorite color is pink, and my favorite bush is a pink crepe myrtle. So it seems that I’ve taken a lot of pink pictures lately. I wonder if they had the color pink in Bible times? The Bible never mentions the word. I wouldn’t think there would have been pink clothes, but perhaps flowers of some kind. It’s a happy color that just makes you feel good. There are pink flowers, but no butterflies or birds that I can think of. Except the flamingo. Any pink foods? I can only think of cotton candy. When we’re feeling well, we’re “In the pink”. When we’re depressed, we’re blue, which is the anti-pink. Feeling blue, need to be in the pink again. There are also pinking shears. Go figure that one out. The little toe and finger are pinkies. The sky can turn beautiful shades of pink at sunset. The rhyme goes “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” But that’s wrong. I’ve never seen a red sky. It’s pink. So it should be “Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight”. I hope this bit of whimsy has amused you today. If it did, then I’m just tickled pink!

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David said...

Ginny, I look forward to reading your post each morning. (But don't feel obligated; if you are not in the mood, wait until you are).

I think you are right about "red sky at night"; my favorite color is red.