Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pink Butterflies & Blue Birds

My little granddaughter talks quite a bit about finding a pink butterfly. And when she finds it, she knows she will catch it. This made me think of the elusive Blue Bird Of Happiness. You remember the old saying that if you catch this bluebird, as long as you have it you will be happy. It seems the goal of everyone is to find happiness, then keep it. Forever. What a foolish thought. We can never be in a constant state of happiness! That’s why the bluebird is elusive. Happiness depends on things of this world, which are constantly changing. Solomon said that when he looked at all he had done, it didn’t make him happy and it was meaningless; like a chasing after the wind. Or maybe after bluebirds and butterflies? We will always have sorrows and trouble in this world. Matthew 6:34 says “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Happiness comes and goes in our lives like a beautiful, fleeting gift, and cannot be caged. So, when we see the pink butterflies and blue birds of our lives, we need to enjoy them, then watch them fly away and await their next visit. Ecc. 7:14 tells us this “When times are good, be happy.” But joy is another thing altogether. Joy is something that comes not from the changing things of this world, but from inside. It abides with us. We don’t need to run after it. In Philippians, Paul says that joy comes from being united in our goals of serving God and putting others before ourselves. Not to be be concerned with our own needs or making a good impression. How can we do the work of the Lord if we are so concerned with wanting to be happy all the time? The book of John tells us that in this world, we will grieve, but in the end, our grief will turn to joy. And I’ll take God’s joy instead of the world’s happiness any day!

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Beverly said...

I love to watch Ella when she sees a bird. She always goes after it, and, of course, the bird always flies away.