Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Singing For Joy

The Japanese and Red Maples are all glowing right now, and there are plenty of them around here. There are over 800 different kinds, meaning altogether, not just in my city. It is said that red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight, so as the sun goes down, these unusual trees disappear in the gloaming, till only green remains.

"Then the trees of the forest will sing,
they will sing for joy before the Lord,
for he comes to judge the earth." 1 Chron. 16:33


Bird Girl said...

Those red malpes are so gorgeous in that sunlight that I want to sing along for joy! Always wanted to have one of those but we live in an area where the soil is lousy - not much acid and too much lime. No one has red maples or dogwoods (unless they are growing wild on the mountain). But if I drive a few miles to the fancy housing developments - it is there I see those beautiful red maples! Great pictures, Ginny!

Glenda said...

Those beautiful red trees are so cheerful! I love anything red, especially flowers and trees! You really got some good shots; the closeup pic is just gorgeous.

Hope you have a joyful last half of the week, Ginny!

Lucy said...

My daughter lives in DC and has the Japanese Maple in her front yard. So beautiful.

Sandra said...

you have wonderful trees, most of which I have never seen. you said I post things you have never seen. isn't it wonderful we can see all the beauty God created for us by just logging on to our blogs? I hope today is better than yesterday for you.

Together We Save said...

Wow - those trees are so beautiful!!

From the Kitchen said...

When I first saw your photos, I thought you had been lurking around my yard! I have those same trees. A spa in Whole Foods? Nope, as far as I know, ours doesn't have one. There are seven "restaurants". I know it sounds daunting but I have my regular "route" so it works well. Take a little longer trip and go to the one in Richmond. It's about five years old and really nice! Oops, I forgot if you asked me anything else. If you did, I'll be back. Well, I'll be back anyway.


Stephanie V said...

Lovely color contrasts and an interesting note on the disappearing reds.

Singing at the top of our lungs is what we should be doing - especially in the spring. Trees aren't the only ones to enjoy a burst of youth.

George said...

The maples are absolutely beautful. I didn't realize that red was the first color to disappear at dusk.

SquirrelQueen said...

Gorgeous photos Ginny, I really like Japanese and red maples. I would love to have one in my yard if I could find a space.

Interesting about the red color at dusk. I have noticed my Red-tipped photinia seems to lose it's color as the sun sets.

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is such a beautiful series Ginny!! Just fantastic!! I appreciate your little sayings ha..and the verse today. Your header is priceless!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

WOW---those reds are gorgeous... Talk about showing off!!!!! They are really saying "It's Spring" aren't they????