Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take A Peep

From the movie "Up" where a house tethered to balloons flies away Dr. Frankenpeep. "It's alive!!"

Mary Peepins

Peep Liposuction Clinic

Batman! Batpeep with Peep wonder Robin.

A Peeping Tom at the bathroom window!

Diamonds Are A Peeps Best Friend. Marilyn and her Men

Wimbledon Peeps

First peep on the moon

The Octopeep gives birth to eight peepies
Todays post is something different, and I hope it gives you a laugh. Every Easter, The Washington Post has a peeps contest. Peeps are the sugar covered marshmellow treats popular around Easter, but now available in many shapes for all holidays. Here are the rules. You pick a scene from a famous book, movie, or historical event. Then you recreate it using peeps. It should fit in something about the size of a shoebox. People spend weeks making these peep scenes. Then the winners are published in the paper. It tickles me to no end and I look forward to it every year. It seems people either love or hate peeps. Which are you? Enjoy.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute Ginny.... I needed a laugh tonight right before going to bed!!!!! I like the Diamond's are a Peeps Best Friend.... But --they all are great.

Thanks for sharing.

SquirrelQueen said...

Those are all so cute. The folks who entered the contest had great imaginations. I love Mary Peepins. Thanks for sharing Ginny.

Sandra said...

adorable, and thanks for the smiles. I love Mary Peepins

Stephanie V said...

That's fun! I do have to admit, though, that the liposuction one is a bit creepy. I don't think peeps have any fat content, do they?

Glenda said...

Ginny, the peeping tom is my favorite, I think! They are all so imaginative and fun!

George said...

These are cute, Ginny. The winners are either extremely talented or have too much time on their hands! Thanks for the smiles.

Bird Girl said...

How creative people are - that was fun! And did you know that Easter peeps are actually made in Bethlehem, PA? Yep - one of our claims to fame ;-)