Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Last Friday, both Anne and Ella were in a play. This is very rare because they are in different schools. The play was called "Nuts" and was abut the circle of life. I was in the center front row with my camera!! So here is sweet Ella.

And then what a surprise I got! About half of them were dressed as animals and birds, and Anne was an owl!! I could not see her face through the whole play! Thank goodness, at least I could see Ella's expressions. so here are some of the "animals".

And here is our little owl.
                      The kids had worked very hard, with guidance from stage directors.

Afterward there was a reception, and each child posted their artwork.
The children were wonderful! But about this idea of making them wear masks, I say NUTS!

Then he said, “How can I picture God’s kingdom for you? What kind of story can I use? It’s like a pine nut that a man plants in his front yard. It grows into a huge pine tree with thick branches, and eagles build nests in it.”


reana claire said...

The two sweet girls have really grown.. good that they have each other for company there, sharing their interest in their play.. sooner or later they will grow up into beautiful teens.. the Cycle of Life.. but why called it Nuts? hmmmm....

Ann said...

what a treat to have them both in the same play. I bet it was fun for them too.

From the Kitchen said...

I agree!! Those sweet faces should be for all to see.
The girls are growing up!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

How wonderful that they were both in the same play. I bet you all are so proud of them :-)

Gail said...

A prize should go to the event directors. They do an amazing job preparing these children for such a joyful event.

Great shots.

Sandra said...

I agree on the nuts to the masks. at least remeove them sometime but this is really cute and a great idea and so good for them to learn to be on stage.. building character for sure. they both look adorable and I can see Ann behind her mask... she is quite the artist isn't she..

Chatty Crone said...

How wonderful they were in the same FUN play.

Tamago said...

Looks like Ella is enjoying performing! Too bad the mask was hiding Anne's face but she sure is a cute owl :-)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It looks like a fun play and the masks are cute, but I agree that the faces are so much cuter and should be uncovered part of the time!

A Quiet Corner said...

It is so much fun to watch the kids in their programs as they grow up...:)JP

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SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Ginny, how exciting that both girls were in the same play. Ella and Anne Marie are both so beautiful (even in the mask Anne's beauty shines through). Anne makes the cutest owl I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny, Such an honor and great fun to be a part of a play - even if masked during the show. Your little Owl is a real cutie and very talented! I'll be back to blogging on my own site the first of July. Have a really fine rest of the week!

Chris Scheuer said...

How fun to see them both in the same play. They are precious girls and I know you are so proud of them!

Roan said...

Looks like a fun play! I love it when the kids get to dress up in costumes. Re my fence. Not purple, it's weathered wood. It was late evening with a storm approaching, thus the color.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The children must have enjoyed that play as much as the adults did.

LC said...

How fortunate they were in the same play. I agree about the masks. We grandmothers want to see those dear faces, Did Anne like appearing in her owl mask!