Thursday, April 27, 2017

E-I-E-I Oops!

This evening we went to Dara's school play. She was Old McDonald's wife. It was called E-I-E-I Oops!

Here are all the kids on stage. It was only two kindergarten classes!

I sat in the front row with Dara's little sister on my lap the entire time! She smelled wonderful. Snapping a play with a child on your lap is a learning experience.

Here are the chicks.

The sheep.

And the rooster.

And of course there is always at least one who is way too scared.

Dara did a great job, and is a natural. I did wish she was not wearing that huge bonnet!

And after it was all over and the stage was dark, of course Jazz had to get up on stage just like her big sister did!

“The building was packed with men and women, including all the Philistine tyrants. And there were at least three thousand in the stands watching Samson’s performance.”
Judges 16


Linda said...

Oh, how I LOVED this!!! That next to the last photo is my very favorite!!!
Good job, Dara!!!

crafty cat corner said...

Lovely refreshing post Ginny. I used to love attending the school performances when our Grandchildren were young, sadly they are all grown now. Have a nice weekend.

Sandra said...

I think the bonnet is adorable on her and the photo of that big smile under the bonnet is my favorite of all these. the classes are adorable, I enlarged to see all the faces and smiles. LOVE the name of the play... what fun

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Ah how sweet. Brings back fond memories of times when Iput on school plays and when I watched my own kids. So special. Thanks for sharing.

Tamago said...

Dara looks wonderful on the stage! She is so cute wearing the bonnet! And what a fun Jazz got to get up on stage after the play :-)

SweetMarie said...

I love the photo of her wearing the bonnet, she's precious!
happy weekend!

LC said...

So precious! I would have been the crier if I had had to get on stage at that age. My granddaughters are like Dara and her sister, though. Looks like you have mastered photography with a lap full of grandchild!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...


Cute play title too.

But the pictures are awesome...if only we could've all been there in person.

Ann Thompson said...

How fun. She looks like she's a natural. Youve got a rising starthere 😄

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Just adorable! I love that cute pose in the second to the last photo. They all are so cute and I feel sorry for the little one that was scared. I remember when I was a kid...a hundred years ago, ha!...I didn't like being in front of people, either.

Chris Scheuer said...

So precious! And what a privilege to be able to be so involved with our children's children!

Rose said...

I bet that was fun to go to!

Nancy Chan said...

Oh, I think the bonnet looks good on her. She is so pretty and so natural. Just look at her smile. I love to watch children's play.