Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Perk Place

Today we went to a new coffee shop that has just opened, Perk Place! 

Here is our reflection outside the door. My camera is pointed at YOU!

It is at least double the size of our favorite Starbucks.

Decor as you enter.

Behind their counter.


We got a Caramel Bomb, which is caramel spun with chocolate. It was very good!

How much coffee do you drink? Do you have a favorite coffee shop, and how often do you go? Details, please!

Prepare dinner; change your clothes and wait table for me until I’ve finished my coffee; then go to the kitchen and have your supper?” 

Luke 17


Ruth Hiebert said...

The place looks interesting. We have a Coffee Culture in town,I don't mind their coffees.I don't usually go for just a coffee, but do enjoy a good cup.

Denise inVA said...

What a nice looking coffee shop Ginny and I love those reflective shots of the two of you. Always lovely to see ones of you and your sweet hubby and the rest of your sweet family. I wish we had more of a choice of coffee places around here. There is one called Caribou Coffee but that's in an area we don't have a need to go to too often.

Small Kucing said...

I usually drink a cup of coffee at home . No favourite coffee shop yet. :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Ginny, we don't have a coffee shop in our small town, so we drink our coffee at home. Sometimes BG gets a coffee at the local convenience store and talks to the guys that hang out there on the weekends. I like the name of the new shop.
To answer your question about my ankle...I broke it many years ago and it still hurts if I've been on my feet a long time and during weather changes. It was broken in 3 places at the joint...the worst place to get broken the doc told me. I still have hardware in it. I hope your sprain heals quickly! Those are painful, too.

Annie said...

Where I'm heading, Ginny, the closest Starbucks in 90 minutes north or south of me. That will be quite a change since there are SIX where I'm at now. To make matters worse, there is zero coffee culture in my future home. More than a few people have told me I should start up a small coffee house. Well, never say never but it would be quite a challenge.

My favorite place in town here is a little pastry shop called Crust and Crumbs. They have really good coffee. My favorite atmosphere for coffee is at La Mo Cafe. Merging the two would equal perfection.

Sandra said...

I love the header shot and that blue speckled coffee pot I really like, I like the ones that are white with black or blue speckles to. the old tin type log cabin life style.
I drink 5 cups of coffee every day, one at 4 am one at 6 and 3 more from 6:30 to 9 .. all mine though, have never been in a starbucks or a coffee shop except when on vacation we would have breakfast at dunkin donuts across from our motel. I am way to practical to pay for the coffee. mine is 11 cents a cup at home.. and check the calories of that coffee and the bomb. yowsa.. some of the coffee is over 500 calories

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Ginny, nice reflection of you and your hubby. The coffee shop is very spacious and with nice decor too. I don't have any favourite coffee shop. We usually drink coffee wherever we have our breakfast. Nowadays, I usually make my own coffee at home.

SweetMarie said...

fantastic reflection pic! I drink two cups of coffee every morning. :) Dunkin Donuts is still my favorite coffee when I'm out and about. :) I have their app on my cell phone and I earn points for free items, get a free beverage for my birthday and I get great coupons. :)
happy day!

Tamago said...

The coffee shop looks nice! Love the decor and oh the pastries look so yummy :-)
I drink black coffee every morning. I'm in love with Starbucks lattes, but they are pricey for me. So I go there just occasionally. Love the seasonal ones - pumpkin spice, egg nog. I love green tea latte, too :-)

Ann Thompson said...

That coffee sounds good. I never even go to Starbucks. I do drink quite a bit of coffee though.
To answer your question from my blog I do take some allergy medicine that the doctor recommended but its not working very good. It was just over the counter stuff so I'm just going to try something else

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I don't like coffee. But I will drink decaffeinated tea in the winter. Iced tea in the summer...herbal/mint

Love the reflection.

Rose said...

Roger's favorite coffee is our McDonald's and I like it okay...NOT a Starbucks fan at all. I really like our own coffee...Folgers or Eight o'clock.