Monday, March 30, 2015

The Persian Ceiling

A couple years ago, we got to see a museum exhibition by Dale Chihuly. It was awesome! And here is only one part of that day, "The Persian Ceiling". How amazing it was! So come, walk under the ceiling with me. I hope you will be as spellbound as I was.

“This inner sanctuary was thirty feet long, thirty feet wide, and thirty feet high. Its walls and ceiling were overlaid with pure gold, and Solomon made a cedar-wood altar for this room.”
1 Kings 6

Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Fridays

Around these parts, in the warm weather we have something called First Fridays. The first Friday of every month, the local cities turn their downtowns into a festival! The stores are open late and have sales, there are bands and magicians and free food. It is lovely to stroll around! Here is  the first one I went to, in the city of Harrisonburg. Here is a violin player all dressed up.

He is giving me the evil eye as we drive past!

The church ladies had free lemonade.

And there were free horse and carriage rides.

                 This baby was definitely suspicious of the horse and wanted nothing to do with it.
So we come to the end of my very first First Friday! I hope to go to more this spring and summer!

“What’s this I see, approaching from the desert, raising clouds of dust, filling the air with sweet smells and pungent aromatics? Look! It’s Solomon’s carriage, carried and guarded by sixty soldiers, sixty of Israel’s finest, all of them armed to the teeth…”

Song Of Solomon 3 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twilight In The Mountains

We were driving home last week at twilight. In front of us were the blue blue mountains. But later, when there was a break in the trees, I turned the camera to the side windows and snapped the sun shining on the mountain peaks as it set.

“Beauty pouring off the tops of the mountains, and the best from the everlasting hills; The best of Earth’s exuberant gifts” 
Deuteronomy 33

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Going Nowhere

     Look what I spotted! No, it does not play when you step on it. And it leads NOWHERE.

“The king built a massive throne of ivory accented with a veneer of gold. The throne had six steps leading up to it, it’s back shaped like an arch.” 

1 Kings 10