Saturday, December 26, 2015

December Update

Hi everyone! It has been a long time, and I have been remiss in updating you. Some of you I keep in touch with on Facebook. So here is the news.

Phil is looking better, though the doctor says it will take a year from the surgery till everything is totally healed. He had three more small surgeries on his face last week. They told us that he must be very strong to have gone through this.

I have been quite ill, with a trip to the E.R. recently. I am on new drugs now and doing better. I will have an endoscopy next month

The adoption of our two new grandchildren has been finalized, so I can finally show you pictures! They are two and four. And Anne Marie has grown so much. She is like a second mom to them. I still plan on returning to blogging perhaps next month when things are more settled down. Thank you all so much for your continued friendship and patience. And now, here are the grandchildren and us from Halloween and Christmas!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Update

We got back from Chapel Hill late on Thursday. The weather for the trip was beautiful, as it has been for all our trips there. The doctor cut Phil's eye open, and here is the outcome. The eye had been sewn shot for five weeks. He had about 13 injections in the area, so there is still a lot of swelling. But it will get better with each day. I think that it will look nearly normal in no time. Soon, he will be going back to work and things will return to normal. See you soon!

"Give thanks to God—he is good and his love never quits." 

1 Chronicles

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Latest News From Here

   Hi everyone! Can you tell which one in this picture is Phil? Ha ha ha! With Halloween coming up, you just never know! A blogger just e-mailed me and reminded me that I had not posted an update in  awhile, so here goes!
   Phil has been doing well, and I am medicating his eye four times a day. Here is the big news. Thursday, we go back to North Carolina to have his eye cut open!! Then we will see how his face and eye will look, and I will post a picture. Also, our two granddaughter's adoption has finally gone through, so I will be posting pictures of them. I hope to return to posting and visiting very soon, as soon as things are back to normal!! See you soon!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Surgeries Are Done!

Phil's surgeries are finally done! The cancer had almost reached his eyeball by the time of the surgery. They cut his whole lower lid off, plus a big part of his face. They made a new eyelid, and sewed his eye shut. Then they cut his face almost in half, and pulled it up and over. There must be over 200 stitches. But his face stitches will be taken out on Tuesday! Your face heals very fast! His eye will remain sewed shut for over a month while the new lid forms.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and cards!!  It means a lot! Now, I am treating and cleaning his face several times a day. I will know when the time is right to return, probably after my nursing duties are over. See you soon!