Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Gift

I just got an unexpected Christmas gift. In the last few days I have been having quite a bit of swelling and also pain. Today the doctor diagnosed me with gout. Of all things! How silly. Gout has been called "The Disease of Kings" because it has been associated with living the high life and also drinking and eating lots of meat. I don't drink and I don't eat red meat. Nevertheless, just call me "Your Highness" from now on!! One of the treatments is elevating the foot and resting. So I look at this as my Christmas gift. I have been overdoing lots, and now I have a proper excuse to laze about! God knew just what I needed and He provided. To me, this is a message and gift from my Father that shows He continues to know what I need more than I do, and He will provide. May I suggest to all my friends that you don't wait till I did to slow down. Trying to control too many things is not letting God have total control. So put your feet up with me now, take a big breath, watch the angels laugh and dance in the snow, and then take some moments of silence to Listen for God and thank him for his wonderful promise.

"May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant." Psalm 119:76


SquirrelQueen said...

Sorry to hear about the gout, but glad you are getting a chance to relax. I'm reasonably good at relaxing but not sitting still, it would drive me crazy.

The video is very good, a little different than most of the stuff from Sting.

Merry Christmas,

Stephanie V said...

Gout. Now that's an interesting ailment to have. Like you, I figured it was something in history books. Nice that you've got the opportunity to sit and let others do for you for a while. Enjoy it - your Highness!
BTW, the three house builders are my wonderful grandkids.
Merry Christmas!

Sandra said...

Beautiful song. sorry about the gout. My husband has it and does not eat very much meat and does not drink or eat rich foods. we found the best treatment is fresh pineapple. He eats 3 or 4 little pieces every day, also cherries, fresh or dried. that is better than drugs and it works for him. keeps it away and helps when it comes to visit.

Sandra said...

No, my husband has not seen a doctor at all for it. he has had it for many years, but only once a year, he had it twice this year, i think due to age. i got the info off the internet on how to treat it without drugs. the pineapple works best, we tryed other things and they did not work.
I had heard the angel cried, i have it on Lee Ann Rimes CD, but had never heard it with Alan and Allison. bob went out today and he keeps his station on country and he came in the house and said i just heard a song, pull it up on you tube. we listened to it several times and i added it to the blog, i had alreday done it with Celine, so i shoved her down to the bottom, the bloger would not let me delete it. i thought this one told the whole story in pics and song. i love take a walk through bethlehem, but I can't remember who sung it. I used it on a DVD Christmas card last year.

Sandra said...

search google for Ray Vega, Take a Walk through Bethlehem, could not find it on youtube.