Monday, December 7, 2009

White As Snow

Two days ago, we had our first snow of the season. And it has been so beautiful. The effect is quite lovely on the Christmas lights. We were supposed to get as much as maybe seven inches, and we did get plenty. But I don't know how much, because whenever I try to watch the local weather, it is pre-empted by college football! The last two days have been quite sunny, so it's melting fast, but we're supposed to get more on Wednesday. People suffering from allergies get better after a good snow. Snow purifies the air and makes everything clean, doesn't it?

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool." Isaiah 1:18


Sandra said...

so you CAN make a snowman, you will understand that comment when you see my blog today. Snow smells so good, i have not smelled it or felt it since he winter of 1959 and I still remember it.

Sandra said...

the lighted train is in a neighbors yard. i am going to do a blog on my NOOK just for you, pieces of it and the story of the nook

SquirrelQueen said...

You got a good snow, it looks so pretty and would be perfect for a snowman. Your first photo looks a little like one of the trees in my yard.

I gave up on tv weather except for the weather channel. The other option is to go to NOAA and find your area. I have it bookmarked on my computer. Let me know if you need a link.

Stay warm,