Friday, July 30, 2010

More Than Meets The Eye

Take a very thoughtful look
At this wall hanging photo I took
It is not what you think you see
There's two more things that it may be
It's really more than meets the eye
It needs a deeper look, so try
So take your guesses, one or a few
And tomorrow you'll see from a different view
On my next post I'll tell you all
Then you'll REALLY see what's on this wall!


SquirrelQueen said...

A very clever design. When I first looked at it I saw an upside down Campbell's soup can. When I enlarged the photo all the way I saw what the wall hanging was made from. I wonder how many spools of thread it took to make this?

It always pays to take a second look. That's a great one Ginny.

Ann said...

Is this a tapestry of the native indian's totem pole?

Your mum's return home two years ago is very recent. Most people say it takes three years. But there is no set time. Was she in great pain when she died?

I shall say a pray each time I coem to your site.

My mum died at 60 because of a car accident. it was very hard on all of us. 4 years ago, when Dad died at 84 of all age, we all rejoiced that he had returned home and to mum.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well, I looked (using my phone now) from a distance- (husbands next to me on his lap top) I says it looks like a campbell's soup can..he said dog food (lol)..then I enlarged it several times and could see all these spools of thread? Were you in some kind of fabric store Ginny? An Andy Warhole collection perhaps? (Grin)

Ann said...

I went back to your Mum's story. This is the stuff that make an inspiring movie.

So tragic, all her life, she had to suffer.

The beginning part, reminds me of the little boy in Michale Cane's movie who had breathing problems.

You should continue to mourn for her.

DawnTreader said...

I really didn't have the faintest idea what it was supposed to be. Then I enlarged and I saw what it's made of but I still have no idea what it's supposed to look like. Possibly because I might never have seen whatever-it-is. I think I'll go with the totem pole (LOL) because the only vague idea that came up in my mind is that it looked a bit like a grumpy old face...

From the Kitchen said...

I see what Squirrel Queen saw--upside down Campbell's soup can (or were you standing on your head?) made of thread.

How am I going to do the drawing for my giveaway? I was going to use but don't think it will work since some folks have more entries than others. I think it will be the old "name in the hat" method.

Have a great weekend.


hip-chick said...

I think it is the back of some type of needle work.
It reminds me of the devotion about a woman doing needle work and seeing it from the bottom looking like a bunch of loose threads that don't make sense. But, when God looks from above He sees the beauty of what we truly are.
Clearly, I am missing some pretty important parts of that story (haha) but you can sort of get the idea.

reanaclaire said...

oh what is that.. looks like a face to me... looking forward to your answer tomorrow :)

Sandra said...

someone spent hours and hours stringing spools of thread on little chains and made a wall hanging that looks like a can of soup. now we need to know where it was and why they did and who went with you to see it, Waiting

Arti said...

Looks like a smiling face to me...Well, i dont really know.. Let me just pass that one..
Will surely wait on that answer!!
I am so happy to find your blog through BPOTW!!
Namaste from India,
Arti :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---that is amazing, Ginny.... I first saw an upside down Campbell's soup can... When I enlarged it, I saw tons of spools of thread... WOW---someone has more time on their hands than I do....

Can't wait to hear more about this... Is this one of that guy's creations --which you have shown before?????


Stephanie V said...

That's a lot of thread. I think it's a soup can, too. Andy Warhol would be so jealous!

Mary said...

I think you've stumped me. A wild guess - based on color - would be a can of tomato soup. Remember I said a wild guess :-). I did indeed find you at The Writer's Kitchen. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

Stacey Dawn said...

Looks like needlepoint!

Glenda said...

I see spools of thread . . . and I thought of that before I read the guesses of others! :-)

Remington said...

How VERY clever!

Ann said...

Re: cats
Addition: From memory, strayed cats rescued by the Cat Cafe and Cat Welfare are spayed or neutered and mirco chipped. This incurs a cost of about $100 per cat by the cat cafe. This cost is not passed on to the adopters. That is why people will want to adopt these cats.

S. Etole said...

Smiling at the mystery ...

Deborah said...

Hi! The flowers are beautiful from the post before this one!
At first I thought this post looked like a scary clown face, then after I really looked at it, it looks like a Campbell soup can! I can't wait to seen what it is!
Thanks Ginny! Have a good Sunday!

srp said...

Thread art!!! How great is this!! I wonder if this wall is in a store.....guess you will tell us tomorrow.

George said...

The enlarged photo shows spools of thread making the design. Very clever.