Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing Like The Son

Beyond a dying sun I saw a vision on the sea
Of golden sails full billowed on the wind.
And echoing above the waves a voice called after me
"God's dwelling place is with you till the end."

For God at last shall wipe away the tears from every eye.
The sting of death shall pierce the heart no more
When grieving turns to laughter all the pain from us shall fly,
And former ways lie beached upon the shore.

Though hatred wages on the wind and wars defile the land,
I see those golden sails still coming strong,
For through the eyes of faith still shines the vision of the Lamb,
And O'er a weary earth there rings this song.

Steve Engle


Kilauea Poetry said...

This is so beautiful-looks like a sunset? I read the words over a couple times- I enjoy the deepness here and like how you manage to spice everything else up in between. Just finished watching the modern day (percy Jackson & the olympians)..even had the medusa! Well, it was entertaining (I still love the classics best though); anyway, this poem pretty much summed up the longing I felt inside. Thanks for such an inspiring post Ginny-

SquirrelQueen said...

What a beautiful poem and photo Ginny, they make a great combination. Love your header.

reanaclaire said...

what a beautiful poem.. i love poems too.. used to write them when i was young.. now? too much distractions.. :p

From the Kitchen said...

Perfect combination for this morning--the photo and the poem!!


Shoshi said...

What a lovely poem and photo Ginny! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, and also for becoming a follower. That's really nice! In answer to your question, I do not have to use the wheelchair all the time, but I always use it when I go out because it's so much easier - I cannot stand for more than a few minutes without severe discomfort and walking anything but a short distance with my crutches is too exhausting! It also means that wherever I go there's a comfortable chair for me to sit on lol!

Sorry to hear you suffer from FM and other things too.

Keeping a sense of humour is vital. If you hold a pity party you celebrate alone - no guests enjoy pity parties lol - and it just drags you down and makes it worse. I am very, very fortunate in so many ways and count my blessings daily - I know many people are far worse off than me, and find it hard to remain cheerful, and my heart goes out to them.

I am glad you find my blog encouraging - that is what I want, to show people that despite having M.E. you can still have a life, and still enjoy many good things, and have fun. I make the most of every outing we have because I am not always able to go out. My camera is my faithful companion, and it's lovely to have a blog to share my experiences with anyone who wants to read!

Yes, started blogging in May. Wish I'd started years ago!

God bless you Ginny.

Stacey Dawn said...

So true....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I am a sun-worshipper (or lover) and a SON worshipper (or lover).... Great post, Ginny... LOVE LOVE LOVE that header!!!

Sandra said...

beautiful poem. did you take the sun shot aiming into the light? i like the way it made the rings around the glow. I am thinking about 3 in the afternoon? what time did you take it?

Deborah said...

Hi~ Thanks for joining my animal blog. My computer had been giving me A LOT of trouble, that is why I couldn't post anything on kindness blog! It took too much time :) But yesterday, I got a new computer and things will be getting back to normal!
WE do have a lot in common!
I'm going to look forward to following for sure!
I liked you post!

George said...

What a beautiful post. Both the poem and the picture are marvelous.

Bird Girl said...

Simply lovely! The picture and poem are perfect!