Thursday, July 15, 2010

Showers Of Blessings

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations." Psalm 100:4,5

Welcome to my bathroom! My new and improved bathroom, that is. About a year ago, we had the old bathtub taken out and a walk in shower installed. The wood behind the tub was rotten and the tub was sinking through the floor. With my bad knees and clumsiness, it's one of the best things we've ever done. Ya think I could use a few MORE grab bars? We get kidded about that a lot, because there are four in there, more grab bars than walls! And I'm so glad of that now, because I fell today. I hit the ground hard, and am quite banged up, but not badly hurt and nothing broken. I'll confirm that in a few hours when I go to the doctor. Fortunatly, I fell in the living room, where we have new thick padding and carpet, or I could have broken my hip. But it seems the worst part was trying to get up. I could not get on my knees because they need surgery, and my rotator cuffs are torn, so I couldn't pull myself up by my shoulders. Fortunatly my husband was home, and it took us almost a half hour to get me up. I doubt if I could step over a tub now, and am so blessed to be able to walk in and hold on wherever I stand. So today I am counting my blessings one by one, and will have much to pray about tonight. God is good.

I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing." Ezekiel 34:26


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Ginny, I am so sorry that you fell...I have such a fear of falling myself --especially since my knee surgery... Don't know if I could get up or not --since I'm afraid to get on my knees.... Hope you are okay.

Love your walk-in shower... We need to change one of our bathtubs to a walk-in shower... Do you have a shower chair to sit on while you are in there? I'd love that!!!!!

Please take care of my friend, Ginny.... I don't want you hurting.

George said...

I hope the doctor confirmed that nothing was broken in your fall. Please be careful.

SquirrelQueen said...

Ginny, I hope you are okay and not too badly bruised. I hope the doctor confirms that nothing is broken.

I like you walk in shower, very nice. We have a walk in shower in our master bath and I love it. The guest bath has a tub/shower but I would like to do a walk in there too.

Maybe you won't be too sore tomorrow.

Ann said...

Is that non slip mats you have? Betsy's chair is a good idea.

Sorry you fell.

Do you take Glucosamine? Since I started running seriously when I was 50 five years ago, I take this religiously.

From the Kitchen said...

Goodness gracious, Ginny, I hope you checked out o.k.!! Thank goodness for thick carpeting!! That shower looks perfect--for anybody. Take good care and let us know how you are doing.


Ann said...

Re: my curry chicken, I am not at all a good cook. I am a non precision cook. But out of necessity when we were doing the charity, I started cooking in bulk. 5 chickens per time.

Guess what, the great chefs will bang my head, my mother complained that I don't taste my food. Now, I ask my son to taste it.

The Malaysian curry tend to be redder. It just looks better than the pale yellow colour.

Ann said...

I did see in another site the Zorb going on water. I don't know how it move as they move down the slopes.

Did my kids get a headache? They loved it. These days, they also have a wet run. that is they have water sloshing inside.

Sandra said...

email me as soon as you get home from the doctor, i will be listening for the ding dong email is here sound.
the shower is perfect and you do need those on every side so that no matter which way you twist or turn you have one. better safe than sorry and you have heard that from me before. we have a step in shower but no bars. I am like Betsy, I would like to have a sitdown place in mine. I might have to buy one of the shower stools sometime soon. it would come in handy in the cold months when I bathe the dogs in the shower. summer time they bath with the garden hose. TMI??

Melanie said...

So sorry you fell, Ginny!

I think it's a great idea to have the grab bars.

I'm glad you had good thick carpeting where you fell, and I hope everything is OK with you!!

Stephanie V said...

Oh, no. Falling is just about the scariest thing I can think of. I'm glad that you weren't alone - it would be even more frightening to have no help around.
Your new bathroom is very nice. I don't think that you have too many grab bars. Who knows where you'll be facing when you need one?
Take care.

Remington said...

Hope all is well....take care!

Glenda said...

Ginny, I hope you are OK and have no lasting ill-effects from your fall! I have fallen and so I know how it shakes one up. Take care!

Love your beautiful shower and would love to have a walk-in!

Hope you have a restful, healing weekend!

hip-chick said...

Oh Ginny I am so glad you are O.K. Falls can be very scary and even more so when your body won't do what you need it to do.
I love your walk in shower with all the handles. Better safe than sorry.

Stacey Dawn said...

Very thankful you are okay from the fall..... love the shower!

Together We Save said...

Love the new shower!

ruthi said...

Oh Ginny... I used to hear my mother-in-law saying "it hard to grow old". My father-in-law had knee replacement years ago and I know that it hurt so bad though he never complained but deep inside we knew he was hurting. It is indeed such a blessing that your day to day activity is eased by some ordinary equipment that we sometimes ignore.

have a wonderful weekend.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh I'm sorry about that Ginny! Hope you feel better soon! I'm really bad about that kind of husband calls me clumsy too. When I work out (haven't for some time now), I use free weights. Even 5lb's really helps to strengthen musles so when you pick up something awkward- it prevents injury. If you have trouble with your knees, that's another thing.. Sounds so painful..was that from a previous accident?
I'm on line cause I took a magic pill (ha ha) did you like that!? I even pulled my break blog (really, I am taking one).
My parents built a two story after my dad retired and moved here. My Aunt and Uncle followed suit..they moved back to the mainland when my Aunt ended up in a wheel chair because of arthritis. My parents are up in their house and don't get outdoors much anymore (except for the lanai). I cared for a woman who's husband did the same and it was very difficult for him to get her down those stairs when he had to! Well, I'll be praying for you too- Hope you get all the attention you need right now-

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yay! for Showers that have a ton of grab bars! It will help to stabilize you, hoping for no more falls! Mine even has a chair :)